Workflow in ITSM Platform enables graphical way to automate, drive and represents multi-step processes. Each workflow generates a sequence of activities. This Activity represents instructions that will be processed by the workflow, such as generating records or running scripts, and transitions between them based on conditions. There are many activities available which one can use in the workflow to design organization process structure. An activity is processed and the behavior determined by the activity occurs. When the action completes, the workflow checks each of the activity’s conditions, for each matching condition, the workflow follows the transition to the next activity. When the flow runs out of activities, the workflow is complete.

Eworks is skilled in many areas of implementing Workflow including:

  • Administration, Implementation and Customization of the workflow.
  • Designing and development of the organization process with the help of this.
  • Design and development of this activities.
  • Use of workflow Stage field in the form.
  • Version of the flow of work .
  • Creation of custom activity definitions.
  • Available workflow modules under Workflow application.

Why Eworks for Implementation of Workflow under

  • Highly qualified and experienced team of workflow consultant available to design workflow for your organization.
  • As organization process design depends upon workflow accuracy our consultants will help you to design Workflow for your organization with utmost correctness and precision.
  • Our consultants are expert in writing custom activity definitions if necessary.
  • Our approach towards each project includes highest level of product knowledge as well as industry best practice compliance.
  • Our methodology to implement flow of work covers each and every step like creation of workflow, creation of activities, checkout and publishing of workflow, versioning of workflow and many more.
  • Our documentation process is also very simple and effective. Starting from Gap analysis between old systems to to preparation of User Guide for end users.
  • Strong practical experience of Workflow implementation for large organizations.