ServiceNow Training in India

ServiceNow Training In India offers candidates a combination of instructor-led lecture and hands-on experience implementing ServiceNow cloud-based ITSM platform. This training course covers the underlying architecture, technical components, implementation planning considerations, and implementation tasks essential for a ServiceNow ITSM implementation project. Along with implementation tasks and details, this course provides a detailed overview of this training course mandatory dependencies, enabling candidates to understand the entire scope of a training course ITSM implementation project.

Through lecture, demonstrations, hands-on exercises, team activities, and classroom discussions, candidates gain an understanding of the scope of a this training course ITSM implementation project, including: implementation tasks, ITIL/ ITSM processes, configuring the UI and out-of-box applications, setting up Self-Service, managing Service Catalog, managing Tickets (Request, Incidents, Change and Problem) along with Knowledge Base, setting up and maintaining users, adding CIs (Configuration Items) to the CMDB, customizing messages and prompts, using workflow, reports, BSM (Business Service Map) and email notifications, integrating with legacy systems, LDAP and external web-services, and running Mid server (Discovery.)

ServiceNow Training In India

  • Understand business value-add of this training course ITSM platform.
  • Gain an overview of the implementation tasks for this training course ITSM platform.
  • Configure and Manage CMDB.
  • Using Workflows and Notifications.
  • Configuring and using Knowledge Base.
  • Generating BSM Maps and reports.
  • Integrate Service-Level Management (SLM) with Tickets.
  • ECC Queue.
  • Managing roles, groups and users.
  • Integrate with or Migrate from other ITSM applications.
Servicenow Training Schedule/Purchase Training Formats Duration
Contact Us or Call +919713589000 Instructor-Led Training 3 Days
Contact Us or Call +919713589000 Live Virtual Class 3 Days

Servicenow Training Audience:

Functional Owner, Administrators and Implementers

Course Objectives:

  • Explain this training course key features and benefits.
  • Understand core of this training course applications and modules.
  • List the high-level setup steps for the mandatory dependencies.
  • Understand the high-level process involved in implementing ServiceNow ITSM platform (post-mandatory-dependency-implementation)
  • Describe how the out-of-box Self-Service Application pages display.
  • Describe options for configuring Self-Service Application Initial Landing Pages.
  • Explain how to verify the initial implementation.
  • Describe which major ITIL/ITSM features are supported by ServiceNow, including multi-currency price list support.
  • Create a basic request, move to change and problem, and create a knowledge-base entry.
  • Explain the source of ticket types used in ServiceNow.
  • Create and maintain SLAs.
  • Create and maintain Service Catalog.
  • Describe the main features and functionality of ServiceNow Applications

Servicenow Training Course Topics:

Introduction to ServiceNow ITSM Platform

  • Introduction to ServiceNow ITSM Platform
  • Self-Service Features
  • Ticketing Features
  • Configuration Management Features
  • Knowledge Management Features
  • Service-Level Management Features
  • Service-Catalog Management Features
  • Common Applications Integrations with ServiceNow ITSM Platform

Implementation Tasks for ServiceNow ITSM Platform

  • Implementing Servicenow ITSM Platform in your organization (Implementation Tasks Overview)
  • Set Up Admin and Users
  • Introduction to Group
  • Introduction to Roles
  • Setting up Company, Department and Locations
  • Introduction to System UI and data dictionary
  • Introduction to System Security and Logs
  • Verify the Implementation

Implement Incident, Problem and Change Management

  • Managing an Incident
  • Moving an Incident to create a new Change Request
  • Moving an Incident to create a new Problem Request
  • Managing Change Request (RFC)
  • Managing Problem Request

Implement Service-Level Management

  • Design SLA Framework
  • Monitor SLAs
  • Revise SLAs/OLAs
  • Manage Issues
  • Gather (Monitor) Customer Satisfaction

Implement Service-Catalog

  • Introductions, Setup, Advanced Topics
  • Maintain Categories and Items
  • Maintain Bundles and Dynamic Categories
  • Change Catalog UI

Content Management

  • Creating Sites
  • Creating and updating Pages
  • Customizing UI
  • Navigation Menus
  • Special Content: Flash, Linked Content and iFrames

Implement User Management

  • User Management Overview
  • Support for Integrations and Optional Features
  • User Types, Groups and Roles
  • Implement User Management

ServiceNow ITSM Platform Reporting

  • Introduction to Reports in ServiceNow ITSM Platform
  • ServiceNow Integration for Reports
  • Business Reports
  • Operational Reports
  • E-mail Delivery of Reports


  • Overview of Discovery and Mid server
  • Probing enterprise network
  • Populating CMDB
  • Managing data retrieved by Discovery

Supplemental Advanced Topics

  • Globalization and Multi-Org Architecture
  • E-Mail Notifications
  • Customizing Look and Feel

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