ServiceNow Service Mapping Training

A business service is a set of interconnected applications and hosts which are configured to offer a service to the organization. It can be internal, like an organization email system, or it can be customer-facing, like an organization web site. Service Mapping discovers all business services in your organization and builds a comprehensive map of all devices, applications, and configuration profiles used in these business services. Eworks provides ServiceNow Service Mapping Training, our case study helps to better understand the concept of Service Mapping.

Service Mapping maps dependencies, based on a connection between devices and applications. This mapping helps you immediately see the impact of a problematic object on the rest of the business service operation. Business service maps show infrastructure objects and semantic connections between them. Service Mapping regenerates business service maps regularly, to keep them updated and relevant.

Service Mapping, in combination with Event Management and Discovery provides the functionality that was provided by ServiceWatch. Service Mapping supports domain separation. If your ServiceNow platform uses domain separation, administrators and users can only see and manage business services belonging to their own domain.

Service Mapping collects data about devices and applications used in business services in your organization. It then creates a map of business services and writes the collected data into the CMDB.

Eworks provides instructor-led/hands-on and Online/Virtual ServiceNow Service Mapping Training. Following are the agenda of this training:

  • Detail explanation of Service Mapping
  • Discovers business services inside organization through Service Mapping
  • Build a comprehensive map of all devices, applications, and configuration profiles used to create particular business services
  • Impact Analysis through service mapping
  • Role of MID server in Service Mapping
  • Detail understanding of Service Mapping Patterns
  • Understanding of Business Service
  • User access to Business Service
  • Overview of components installed with Service Mapping
  • Setup of Service Mapping inside organization
  • Create and define business services
  • Business Service Map, View CI properties in a service map, view change history
  • Business Service Map view & Check CI dependencies
  • Case Study

Eworks also provide custom ServiceNow Service Mapping Training as per business requirements and needs. Our Case Studies help participants to get the ServiceNow Service Mapping Certification

Course Details:

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