ServiceNow Service Management

With ServiceNow Service Management, organization can refine, structure and automate the flow of work to streamline service delivery. Underlying effective service management is a common service model that connects providers and requestors.

ServiceNow Service Management service model is not specific to IT many different use cases outside of IT e.g. HR, facilities, field service and other service domains can also use ServiceNow Service Management model to manage all of the service relationships that make up the contemporary workplace.

ServiceNow Service Management provide following Solutions:

  • IT Service Management: ServiceNow ITSM solutions give you end to end visibility into your ITIL processes and infrastructure through a single system of record. ServiceNow is easy to configure and allows you to go live quickly with confidence, while scaling to your business needs.
  • HR Service Management: ServiceNow HR Service Management streamlines and improves HR service delivery by offering a consumer‑like self‑service portal to employees along with out‑of‑the‑box request and fulfill process automation. Once requests are submitted through the HR service catalog, cases are automatically assigned to a designated human resources specialist or team for fulfillment.
  • Field Service Management: ServiceNow Field Service Management (FSM) ensures that work orders are assigned to the right person, with the right inventory and tools to deliver exceptional service. FSM is integrated into ServiceNow IT Service Management, Customer Service, and Asset Management.
  • Facilities Service Management: With ServiceNow Facilities Service Management you can manage, visualize, and optimize the cost of occupancy. Facilities requests are automatically assigned to designated facilities specialists or teams using configurable rules.
  • Legal Service Management: ServiceNow Legal Service Management provides an intuitive self‑service portal that delivers a consolidated view of submitted work, reporting, service level agreements, and built‑in workflow. It provides a knowledge base to centrally manage legal knowledge, research, and documents.
  • >Finance Service Management: ServiceNow Finance Service Management enables finance department staff to efficiently fulfill submitted requests including financial reports, procurement, and payroll issues and provides management with visibility into work requests.
  • Marketing Service Management: ServiceNow Marketing Service Management solutions enable marketing staff to efficiently fulfill submitted requests including creative services, campaign operations and website publishing, and provides management visibility into work requests.
  • Security Operations: ServiceNow Security Operations connects the workflow and systems management capabilities of the ServiceNow platform with security data from leading vendors. This gives your security team a single‑response platform for complete visibility, allowing them to respond to incidents and vulnerabilities more efficiently.
  • Customer Service Management: ServiceNow helps you to identify and fix the root cause of issues proactively. You can track and visualize the operational health of the products and services in your install base in real time and offer self‑service to reduce call volume. This new approach will help you to build strong customer relationships.
  • Application Development: App development on the ServiceNow Platform makes it easy for administrators and other developers. Developers can quickly create powerful applications using our Studio IDE and a rich set of pre‑built services and templates and they can relate these custom apps with other in built applications very easily

Along with ServiceNow implementation, consulting, support, Eworks also provide custom ServiceNow Training as per business requirements and needs. Our Case Studies help participants to get the ServiceNow Certification

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Eworks Provides ServiceNow Training under following Topics:

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ServiceNow Knowledge 14 - TheCUBE