ServiceNow LDAP and SSO Integration Training

LDAP Integration: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) directory to streamline the user login process and to automate administrative tasks such as creating users and assigning them roles. An LDAP integration allows ServiceNow to use your existing LDAP servers as the master source of user data. The integration uses a read-only connection that never writes to the LDAP directory. The integration only queries for information, and then updates its internal database accordingly. Eworks provides ServiceNow LDAP and SSO Integration Training, our case study and hand-on practicals help you to better understand the concept of LDAP and SSO implementation.

An integration to the LDAP servers allows you to quickly and easily populate ServiceNow with user records from the existing LDAP database. When a user enters domain credentials in the ServiceNow login page, the instance passes those credentials to each defined LDAP server. The LDAP server responds with an authorized or unauthorized message that ServiceNow uses to determine whether access should be granted.

After an LDAP integration is established, the instance can allow new users to log in to the system even if they do not yet have an account on the instance. When a new user attempts to log in to the instance, the integration checks to see if this user has a ServiceNow account. If the integration does not find an existing user account, it automatically queries the LDAP server for the username that was entered. If a matching LDAP account is found, the integration tries to authenticate with the password the user entered. If the password is valid, the instance creates an account for the user, populates the account with all applicable LDAP information, and logs the user in to the instance.

Eworks have skilled team of LDAP Consultants available to implement and integrate LDAP with ServiceNow. Eworks follows all security clauses before integrate LDAP server with ServiceNow. We have expert team available for LDAP configuration, administration, integration etc.

SSO Integration:
External Authentication, also referred to as SSO (Single Sign-on), is a method of access control that enables a user to log in once and gain access to the resources of multiple software systems without being prompted to log in again. When single sign-on is enabled, it is often desired that a user never sees the ServiceNow login page and is never able to login locally. In other words, if a user enters their ServiceNow instance URL, they wish for the internal company portal to be displayed instead of the default ServiceNow login page. Likewise, when a user logs out of the application, they wish for the browser to be redirected to a specific internal page as well. This can be accomplished by setting a few redirection properties within ServiceNow. Eworks helps multiple organizations to implement SSO feature for them.

Eworks provides instructor-led/hands-on and Online/Virtual ServiceNow LDAP and SSO Integration Training. Following are the agenda of this training:

  • Detail explanation of LDAP Integration
  • Data Population
  • Scheduled LDAP Refresh
  • Authentication through LDAP Integration
  • LDAP On-Demand Login
  • Multiple LDAP Configuration Options
  • LDAP Listener
  • LDAP Monitor
  • Detail explanation of SSO Integration
  • Discussion on SSO Techniques
  • Enabling External Authentication
  • Bypassing External Authentication
  • Single Sign-on Process Flow
  • Forcing Login via SSO only
  • Email links with SSO
  • Supplying Referring URL information to SSO Provider
  • Monitoring the Event Queue for Login Failures

Eworks also provide custom ServiceNow LDAP SSO Integration Training as per business requirements and needs. Our Case Studies help participants to get the ServiceNow Certification

Course Details:

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Contact Us or Call +919713589000 Instructor-Led Training English
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