ServiceNow IT Operation Management

ServiceNow IT Operation Management Enhance Visibility, Prevent Service Outages, and Maximize Operational Agility.

ServiceNow IT Operation Management provides following advantages:

  • Make CMDB service-aware by automating discovery of business services and IT Infrastructure.
  • Easily detect and diagnose service issues
  • Restore services more quickly
  • Reduce the risk of planned changes
  • Enhance self-service
  • Strengthen governance

ServiceNow IT Operation Management provide following Solutions:

  • Discovery: ServiceNow Discovery product gives you the means to create an accurate, up‑to‑date single system of record for your infrastructure. It identifies IP‑enabled configuration items (CIs), maps their interdependencies, and populates and maintains them in the ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB) – a critical step to automating service management.
  • Service Mapping: ServiceNow Service Mapping discovers and maps the relationships between IT components that comprise specific business services. Service Mapping continuously monitors IT infrastructure for service‑affecting changes and updates service maps in real‑time.
  • Event Management: ServiceNow Event Management automatically creates actionable alerts from infrastructure events captured by third‑party monitoring tools. When used with ServiceNow Service Mapping and ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB), the application maps alerts to configuration items (CIs) and services.
  • ServiceNow Orchestration: ServiceNow Orchestration increase agility by automating IT and business processes for operations management. Codeless automation and activity packs also automate and accelerate processes for employee onboarding, managed file transfer, configuration automation, and remediation.
  • Cloud Management: ServiceNow Cloud Management allows your IT teams to provision public and private cloud infrastructure. IT teams can choose from Amazon Cloud, Microsoft Azure, VMware vSphere, and extend to other public and private cloud vendors—making it easy to manage and control your cloud management system.

  • Along with ServiceNow implementation, consulting, support, Eworks also provide custom ServiceNow Training as per business requirements and needs. Our Case Studies help participants to get the ServiceNow Certification

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    Dan McGee - ServiceNow Knowledge14 - TheCUBE