ServiceNow Discovery Training

The ServiceNow Discovery application finds computers and other devices connected to an enterprise’s network. When Discovery finds a computer or device, it explores the device’s configuration, provisioning, and current status and updates the CMDB accordingly. On computer systems, Discovery also identifies the software that is running and any TCP connections between computer systems. Discovery creates all the relationships between computer systems (such as an application on one server that uses a database on another server). Eworks provides ServiceNow Discovery Training, our case study helps to better understand the concept of discovery.

Discovery uses a wide variety of probes (simple commands or queries) to gather information, and matching sensors (small, simple programs, usually in JavaScript that you can modify) to analyze that information and load it into the CMDB. Discovery uses these probes and sensors to explore any given computer or device. For each type of device, Discovery uses different kinds of probes to extract more information about the computer or device, and the software that’s running on it.

Discovery employs Identifiers to search the CMDB for Configuration Items (CI) that match devices discovered in the network. These Identifiers can be configured to instruct Discovery to take certain actions when device matches are made or not made.

Discovery is agentless it does not require any permanent software to be installed on any computer or device to be discovered. The MID server uses several techniques to probe devices without using agents. Discovery uses special server processes (called MID Servers), that are installed on each enterprise network that has computers or devices to be discovered. Each MID server is a lightweight Java process that can run on a Linux, Unix, or Windows server.

Eworks provides instructor-led/hands-on and Online/Virtual ServiceNow Discovery Training. Following are the agenda of this training:

  • Detail explanation of Configuration Management.
  • Population of CMDB using discovery
  • Impact analysis using BSM Map
  • Clear understanding of the ServiceNow Discovery solution
  • Clear understanding of four phases of Discovery
  • Role of MID server inside Discovery
  • Install and configure multiple MID Servers
  • Configure Discovery to find Compute and Network type of CIs inside infrastructure
  • Identify CIs relationship with each other using discovery solution
  • Clear understanding of Probes and Sensors
  • Important security aspects of discovery.

Eworks also provide custom ServiceNow Discovery Training as per business requirements and needs. Our Case Studies help participants to get the ServiceNow Discovery Certification

Course Details:

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