Service Catalog Management (SCM)

The Service-Catalog is a central listing of the goods and services that an IT organization provides. The aim of Service Catalog Management is to ensure the accuracy and availability of the service catalog. ServiceNow contains a service catalog application that provides data storage and administration as well as a user front end for ordering goods and services.

Eworks skilled in many areas of implementing ServiceNow Service Catalog Management/SCM including:

  • Implementation, Development, Customization and Administration of Catalogs, Catalog Policies, Catalog Definitions, Catalog Variables, Catalog Properties, Service Catalog Wizard, Order Guides under the Service Catalog Management.
  • Maintain Categories and Dynamic Categories.
  • Maintain Bundles and Items.
  • Maintain Business Service Entries, Content Items and Order Guides.
  • Design and development of Service catalog Wizard.
  • Design, development and customization of Execution Plans, Fulfillment Groups, Catalog UI Policies.
  • Design, development and customization of Catalog Variables, Plan variables, Variable Sets.
  • Design, development and customization of report module for the Service Catalog Management application.

Why Eworks for Service Catalog Management/SCM?

  • Highly professional and dedicated team available for the SCM implementation, customization, enhancement, administration, upgradation and Migration.
  • We have proven our skills in Service Catalog Management start from Implementation to successful Deployment.
  • Our project plan covers each and every step like Preparation of Catalog Policies and Catalog Definitions, Creation of Catalog Variables, updating Catalog Properties, design and development of Service-Catalog Wizard and Order Guide .
  • Our approach towards each project includes highest level of product knowledge as well as industry best practice compliance.