Public Cloud

Amazon Web Services: We manage AWS for you. Many businesses are seeking assistance from certified experts in getting the most out of AWS. By this way you can concentrate on your core business and we can take care of Migration, architecture design, security and other operations. We help our customers to migrate existing processes to AWS, our certified AWS architects design and deploy AWS infrastructure for you, secure your AWS environment.

Microsoft Windows Azure: We manage Microsoft Windows Azure for you. Many businesses that are adopting Microsoft technologies are seeking certified experts to assist them with the complexity of Microsoft Azure. Eworks take care of architecture design, security and operations of Microsoft Windows Azure so that you can concentrate on your core business. Eworks Azure team provides 24X7X365 support to the customers helping you to get the most out of your Microsoft investment. Our Architects help you to setup and design Microsoft Windows Azure architecture, deploy managed services like patching, monitoring etc. to reduce risk of downtime.

OpenStack: Eworks Public Cloud offers set of tools and technologies to help your business achieve and maintain growth. Backed by thousands of engineers and industry experts, Eworks Public Cloud allows you full control of your environment like Spin up a server in under a minute using OpenStack Compute API, provide single control panel to control and easy access to powerful management tools, Our team can help you improve the availability, scalability and security of your OpenStack cloud, Our cloud engineers perform frequent system administrator tasks to improve reliability and performance, they’ll perform routine maintenance and troubleshooting of your OpenStack cloud.

With your OpenStack Public Cloud account you can control following things:

  • Automatically grow or shrink your environment to handle changes in your site’s traffic.
  • You can build your own custom templates.
  • Know how your systems are performing at all times with customizable enterprise-grade monitoring.
  • Get actionable insights into infrastructure health, to improve system performance and availability.