Knowledge Management ( KM )

The Knowledge Management Application or Knowledge Base or in terms of Problem Management you can say that Known Error Database (KEDB) is responsible for store and maintain the knowledge, information and solution crucial to all IT processes. This includes information about solution of incident, problem, change tickets, assets and configuration items, organizational policies and news.

By storing and making available information about common incidents, problems and issues, the knowledge management process seeks to prevent future redundant incidents. With the help of Knowledge Base end users themselves search the solution of their most common issues. Also Service Desk can take advantage of Knowledge Base by this they can easily search the solution of any issues under the knowledge base for quick and accurate response. This will increase the user satisfaction.

Eworks skilled in many areas of implementing Knowledge Management Application/ Knowledge Base including:

  • Implementation, Development, Customization and Administration of Knowledge Articles under the Knowledge Base.
  • Implementation, Development, Customization and Administration of Knowledge Submission records and relate Knowledge Articles with Knowledge Submission records with 1-m relationship.
  • Associate Knowledge Articles with various applications like Incident Management, Problem Management, and Change Management etc.
  • Design, development and customization of report module for the Knowledge Base application.
  • Customization of Knowledge Base properties.
  • Design, development and customization of Topics covered under the Knowledge Base application.
  • Import knowledge data from outside world into Knowledge Base.

Why Eworks for Knowledge Base?

  • Eworks will provide you highly experienced skilled and dedicated professional s with great knowledge of Knowledge Base application.
  • Eworks has a team of dedicated, KM consultant providing extensive knowledge of Knowledge Base development, support, enhancement, consulting and administration.
  • Our consultants help companies to implement and populate Knowledge Base application accurately. Because KM gives the information and solution to end users and service desk which should be accurate.
  • Our methodology towards KM implementation covers each and every step like creation and populating of knowledge article, relate knowledge articles with knowledge submission, relate knowledge base with other application available in, apply rating and flag system with knowledge article, cover customer feedback , user can give feedback to the used article, caring of article publishing and retirement. Which ensure you; we are moving towards right way.
  • Our approach towards each project includes highest level of product knowledge as well as industry best practice compliance.