Integration with Third Party Application integrates with many third party applications and data sources. The most common integrations are with CMDB, Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, User Administration, and Single Sign-on. A variety of techniques can be used, most notably Web Services, JDBC, LDAP, Excel, CSV, and Email, as well as any industry standard technologies that use SOAP or WSDL. Additionally, API and command-line integrations can be done using a MID Server. You can load external data using import sets.

Eworks skilled in many areas of integration under including:

  • SSO Integration
  • Web Service Integration
  • LDAP Integration
  • User Interface Level Integration
  • MID Server Integration
  • Use of Import Sets for data loading from external file or database to the

Why Eworks for performing Integrations with instance?

  • We have extensive experience in integrating ITSM Platform with different legacy and open applications.
  • Eworks has a separate team for different integration options, like for LDAP we have a separate team; for MID Server Integration we have separate team and many more. Each team is highly experienced and knowledgeable to solve any difficulties under their domain. This expertise ensures organizations that we business goals will be achieved.
  • Our consultants help companies to implement B2B integration that will align IT services to the requirements of client’s business.
  • Our approach towards each project includes highest level of product knowledge as well as industry best practice compliance.
  • We have proven our skills in the area of Single Sign On, MID Server, LDAP, Import Set, Web Service integrations. Which facilitates to achieve your organization�s goals, industry compliance standards and provide high level user satisfaction?