Glide & Jelly

Glide & Jelly are heart and beat of ITSM Platform. Glide is a web development platform which uses Java and several open source technologies. Glide provides rich scripting support with access to much of the functionality in Glide through JavaScript. Apache’s Jelly syntax is used to render forms, lists, UI Pages, and many other things rendered in

Eworks is skilled in many areas of Glide & Jelly Implementation under the including:

  • Creation of Business Rule, UI Action by using Glide script.
  • Creation of Glide Record object and use of several other important objects as these objects are created for you when your script is called.
  • Creation of script based Assignment and Approval rule.
  • Creation of custom related list.
  • Creation of Access Control List with the help of Scripting.
  • Creation of Script based UI Policy and Client Script.
  • GlideAjax, GlideForm (g_form), GlideUser (g_user), GlideRecord, GlideSystem, GlideElement, GlideAggregate.
  • Querying the table by using Glide Record.
  • Referencing GlideList.
  • Debugging script.
  • Creating and customizing UI and pages using Jelly.
  • Working with complex Log Files.
  • Render forms, lists, UI Pages, and many other things in with the help of Jelly.
  • Designing of Macros and Formatters.

Why should you prefer Eworks for Implementation of Glide & Jelly under

  • We have extensive experience in development of Glide Ajax, Glide Form (g_form), Glide User (g_user), Glide Record, Glide System, Glide Element, Glide Aggregate & Jelly
  • Eworks has a team of dedicated Glide & Jelly developers. These experts ensure organizations that we are developing high-standard code.
  • Our developers are expert in writing Business Rules, Client Scripts, UI Scripts, UI Policies, Script Includes, UI Actions, Workflow, Assignment and Approval Rules, which needs high knowledge of Glide Scripting.
  • Our developers are expert in designing UI Pages and Macros as per customer requirement, which needs high knowledge of Jelly, XML, Java Script, CSS, HTML and Web Development.
  • Our methodology towards Glide & Jelly implementation is very straight forward which follows Software Development Life Cycle and begins from Current System Understanding, Gap Analysis, Assessment, Test Plan, Back-out Plan, Migration Plan, Training Plan, Knowledge Transfer Plan etc. This ensures you that we are moving towards right path.
  • Our approach towards each project includes highest level of product knowledge as well as industry best practice compliance.
  • We have proven our skills in many areas of this web platform implementation, which facilitates us to achieve your organization’s goals, industry compliance standards and provide high level user satisfaction.