Extending Force.com using Apex


Apex is object oriented, strongly typed programming language used by Force.com platform to execute flow and transaction control statements. Developers can insert business logic with the help of this language. this language is fully controlled from interpretation to execution by Force.com platform.

Eworks is skilled in many areas of writing Apex Code:

  • Writing this language Code for the development of custom apps on Force.com platform
    or insert the business logic into existing Salesforce.com CRM as per client requirement.
  • Writing SOSL and SOQL queries.
  • Writing statements to handle exceptions (Throw and Try-Catch-Finally)
  • Implementing Trigger functionality.
  • Creation of Apex Scheduler, Anonymous Block and implementing AJAX in this language.
  • Writing Classes, Interfaces and Packages.
  • Applying Class Security and maintaining API and Package Versioning.
  • Running and Creating Unit Test methods.
  • Writing dynamic and batch Apex.
  • Writing apex webservice.
  • Defining class from WSDL document.
  • Invoking external service, HTTP Callout and use of SOAP Service.
  • Using the Force.com IDE and Force.com migration tool to deploy the language.

Why Eworks for Developing Apex Code?

  • We are expert into develop custom apps on Force.com platform and deployed it on APP Exchange for public use.
  • Highly professional and experienced team available for writing SOSL and SOQL queries, Triggers and to handle exceptions.
  • Our developers are highly experienced and they have already worked in number of Salesforce projects.
  • We are expert into writing webservices to integrate Salesforce with 3rd party application.
  • We have expert team available to deploy and migrate the applications to app exchange for public use.
  • We are expert into writing Unit Test methods for testing the this language Code.
  • Our approach towards each project includes highest level of product knowledge as well as industry best practice compliance.