Discovery application search devices connected to an enterprise’s network. Once this app finds a device, it will then explore its configuration, provisioning, and current status and update the CMDB accordingly. Let�s take example of computer systems, this app will find computer systems and what software is running, and any TCP connections between computer systems, finding all the relationships between computer systems (such as an application on one server that uses a database on another server). The information that this app gathers about devices can be used to update the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) automatically.

Eworks is skilled in many areas of implementing Discovery including:

  • CMDB population with the help of this app.
  • Build and maintain the logical service configurations of the Organization IT Infrastructure.
  • Store physical, conceptual and logical CI�s under the appropriate CMDB classes.
  • Management of MID Server within the organization network.
  • Manage CI life cycle under the Configuration Management Data Base (CMDB).
  • Configuration Management process consulting and Gap Analysis.

Why Eworks to setup Discovery in the Organization?

  • We have extensive experience in development, support, integration, administration, upgradation, migration of Configuration Management application.
  • Eworks has a team of dedicated, CMDB consultants with extensive knowledge of Discovery setup within organization network.
  • Our consultants have helped companies populate CMDB with the help of Discovery application accurately. Because CMDB is the single truth of organization data that will align IT services to the requirements of client’s business it is very important to rely on experienced hands while automating the process of populating CMDB using Discovery.
  • Our methodology towards Discovery and CMDB implementation is very easy, accurate and straight forward which includes Current System Understanding, Gap Analysis, Assessment, Test Plan, Back-out Plan, Migration Plan, Training Plan, Knowledge Transfer Plan etc., which ensure you that we are moving towards right path.
  • Our approach towards each project includes highest level of product knowledge as well as industry best practice compliance.
  • We have proven our skills in CMDB and Discovery with industry compliance, standards and high user satisfaction.