Couchbase is a leading provider of NoSQL database technology and the company behind the Couchbase open source project. It is particularly well suited for web and mobile applications, providing easy scalability, consistent high performance, 24×365 availability, and a flexible data model for ease of development.

Couchbase NoSQL database technology is a simple, fast, flexible, and cost-effective data layer for interactive web applications. Eworks Database Team is highly experienced in Couchbase implementation and administration.

Eworks DBA Team work to find optimize solution and implementation approach to identify the highest-frequency queries to migrate to Couchbase and to assess caching performance before and after migration.

Couchbase designed for the demanding data management needs of interactive web applications. Couchbase Server lets the data layer scale just like the web application tier. Couchbase Server already supports most of the world’s largest websites.

Eworks provides the information to understand application performance, identify queries for migration to Couchbase, and demonstrate the value of NoSQL for the business. Eworks has highly experienced and expert DBA team to implement Couchbase.

Eworks offer following services in the field of Couchbase:

  • Manage database workloads – By analyzing all database transactions, the Eworks DBA Team help to identify critical workloads migrate to Couchbase.
  • Performance tuning and performance assessment – We offer services to tune the database and assess the performance before and after deploying Couchbase Server.
  • Setup and configuration of Couchbase Sever cluster
  • Monitoring of Couchbase Database
  • Expand your cluster when you need to expand the RAM or disk I/O capabilities.
  • Failover and altering the size of your cluster as your application demands change.
  • Monitoring and reacting to the various statistics reported by the server to ensure that your cluster is operating at the highest performance level.
  • Backing up the cluster.
  • Data recovery from remote clusters
  • Performance tuning and administration
  • Database support and maintenance
  • Integration and job scheduling
  • Backup and restore of Database
  • Bucket creation and management
  • Couchbase scaling as per business needs
  • Couchbase optimization