Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

Configuration Management Database Application is responsible to store the Configuration Items (CI�s) and their relationships. A CI may be a physical, logical or conceptual entity. We can easily associate Configuration Management Application with other applications available in the ITSM Platform to measure the impact of incident, problem and change on the Organization. This makes CMDB a powerful decision support application.

Eworks is skilled in many areas of implementing Configuration Management/CMDB including:

  • Implementation, Development and Customization of Configuration Management application.
  • Build and maintain the logical service configurations of the Organization IT Infrastructure.
  • Store physical, conceptual and logical CI�s under the appropriate CMDB classes.
  • Manage CI’s dependencies and relationship with other CI’s.
  • Manage CI life cycle under the Configuration Management Data Base (CMDB).
  • Determine effect and impact of CI outage.
  • Manage CI’s integration with other applications.
  • Upgrades & Migrations of Configuration Management application.
  • Configuration Management process consulting and Gap Analysis.
  • Troubleshooting & enhance existing Configuration Management application.
  • Populate CMDB with 3rd party applications or external CMDB.
  • Design, development and customization of report module for the Configuration Management application.

How can Eworks help organizations to implement Configuration Management Application successfully and accurately?

  • We have extensive experience in development, support, integration, administration, upgradation, migration of Configuration Management application.
  • Eworks has a team of dedicated and CMDB consultants providing extensive knowledge of Configuration Management development, support, enhancement, consulting and administration. This expertise ensures organizations that data configured inside the CMDB is accurate, true and values to your IT infrastructure and ITIL implementation.
  • Our consultants help companies to implement Configuration Management application accurately. Because CMDB is the single truth of organization data that will align IT services to the requirements of client’s business.
  • Our methodology towards CMDB implementation is very easy, accurate and straight forward which includes Current System Understanding, Gap Analysis, Assessment, Test Plan, Back-out Plan, Migration Plan, Training Plan, Knowledge Transfer Plan etc. This ensures that we are moving towards right way.
  • Our approach towards each project includes highest level of product knowledge as well as industry best practice compliance.
  • We have proven our skills in many areas of Configuration Management Database Application, which facilitates to achieve your organization’s goals, industry compliance standards and provide high level user satisfaction.
  • Most of our ITSM platform administrators, developers and consultants are ITIL certified and have in-depth knowledge of ITIL v3 guidelines.