Apache Cassandra

Apache Cassandra is renowned NoSQL Database solution that can accommodate the complex requirements of today’s modern business needs. It’s architected from the ground up for real-time enterprise databases that require vast scalability, high-velocity performance, flexible schema design and continuous availability.

Apache Cassandra is an ideal database for today’s data management need and size. It offers a robust support for clusters spanning multiple datacenters. Apache Cassandra is the most likely technology for data driven organizations.

Following are the business benefits of the Apache Cassandra:

  • It supports multi data center replication and fault tolerance.
  • Cassandra allows easily elasticity and scalability to accommodate more customers and more data as per need.
  • Cassandra gives continuous availability for business-critical applications that can’t afford to go down, ever.
  • It provides fast and scaled performance best response time with linear scalability maximize your throughput.
  • It gives MapReduce support
  • It provides flexible data storage to accommodates the full range of data formats like structured, semi-structured and unstructured and also dynamically accommodates changes to the data structures as data is growing continuously.
  • Cassandra provides easy data distribution which provides maximum flexibility to distribute data where you need by replicating data across multiple datacenters cloud or on premise environments.
  • Read and write to any node with all changes being automatically synchronized across a cluster.
  • It provides operational simplicity with all nodes in a cluster being the same, there is no complex configuration to manage so it reduces the DBA complicity by some extent
  • Cassandra provides transaction support its use of a commit log to capture all writes and built-in redundancies that ensure data durability in the event of hardware failures.

  • Eworks is the leader to provides Apache Cassandra service to the multiple industries. We have a team of expert who have vast and wide area of knowledge in the field Cassandra. Following are services which Eworks offers to the clients:

  • Apache Cassandra installation and environment setup
  • Cassandra Administration
  • Cassandra performance tuning and optimization
  • Cassandra integration and job scheduling
  • Periodically database backup, recovery and replication
  • Disaster recovery service to ensure no data loss guarantee
  • Cassandra maintenance and support
  • Provide service to scale the database
  • Periodically check and monitoring of database system remotely and on premise both.
  • Veriosn up-gardation and development of Cassandra.
  • Seeting and management of database permission and privileges.
  • Rachive data management
  • Database migration
  • Risk Management